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1/2 Day


A half day trip is 4 hours on the wáter with the choice of fly fishing, light tackle fishing, ecotour, sandbar trip or sunset cruise. Mixing up trips minimizes fishing time and experience for the trip. 

3/4 Day


This is a 6 hour trip where there is enough time to fish multiple spots, tides and species either on fly or light tackle gear.

Full Day


This is an 8 hour trip recommended for the people that are here to fish. This trip allows for enough time to fish the more remote areas of the Florida Keys.

All Day


This is usually the best option for the hard core tarpon anglers. This 10 hour trip allows time to fish different tides and currents throughout the day. Or for the fisherman looking to try and catch the Florida Keys flats slam!


Fly fishing lessons 


(per person)

Four hour land based lessons on casting, presentation, tips and tricks.


Groups of up to 4 people can be scheduled.

It is not possible to give everyone the individual attention needed on groups of more than four people.

You can expect to learn basic fly casting and understanding the presentation of the fly to different target species.

20% off any trip with the booking of fly fishing lessons.

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Marathon, Florida ​

Phone: +13057099929

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