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Bonefish and Permit

The ghosts of the flats, these fish are the fastest of our target species. Spin tackle or fly gear will be used to subdue these speed demons throughout the year. Traveling from Key Largo to Key West we will chase tides for the best fishing experience possible. 


Permit is the the pickiest fish we target. Using spin or fly tackle, this species can be targeted year round throughout the florida keys.


The Silver King. Night trip or day trip, fly or spin tackle. Tarpon can be targeted successfully throughout the year as well. But prime time to tangle with a true giant, 100+ pounds, is from March to the end of June. We have great juvenile tarpon fishery that is from July through October. 

Redfish  and Snook

Redfish and Snook are also year round species we can target from the Florida Keys. The cooler months of the year are optimal since that is when they get pushed into the Everglades, where the water temperature rises quicker between cold fronts. These trips are always packed full of action.


Shark fishing in the Keys is a must do for anglers that have not experienced it. From getting fresh chum, to sight casting bait or fly to the shark you want to catch is always a blast. Once hooked they will test your endurance and strength with a worthwhile battle to the boat.

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